jeans sand Blasting Machines
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Jean Sand Blasting Machines

Jeans Blasting Machines are designed specially for blasting jeans.

It is equipped with semi-sealed Working chamber, blasting media recycling and separating system, and dust-collecting.

The blasting media will be recycled and separated automatically, which can save work time, reduce blasting media consumption and pollution.

It can maintain the pressure and improve the processing quality as well as reducing compressed air consumption and blasting media consumption by using the pressure-retaining automatic blasting Valve.

The Working chamber door can be adjusted upward and downward, which is convenient for operation.

Double systems of automatic recycling and filtrating can stop the residua and fiber in the filter to keep the blasting pipe smooth.

jeans sand blasting machines

Main Cabinet Dimension,mm
1300x 1600 x 1700
1200(W) x 2000(D) x 1700(H)
Blasting Cabinet
1250 x 1550 x 850
1150(W) x 1950(D) x 850(H)
Cyclone separator dimension,mm Dia 400 x 2350(H)
Dust collector dimension,mm 920(W) x 920(D) x 1800(H)
View window size,mm 900(W) x 380(H)
Blasting gun
Boron Carbide nozzles dia 6mm or 8mm
Blowing gun Nozzles dia 2mm
220V, 26W
Air Source
4-8bar (kg/m2), 2.5-3.5 (m3/min)
Dry filter dust-Collector
dust cleaning manually.

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