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We are one of the professional Chinese company in abrasives products, surface mass finishing equipments and consumptions, mainly supplying following products for different fields.

Vibratory finishing equipments and consumable for deburring, readiusing, chamfering, grinding, descaling, burnishing, polishing of all types of components.

Sand blasting / shot peening equipment and sandblasting media for shot peening, abrasive blasting,abrasive cleaning, etc.

Abrasive materials for manufacturing of resin bonded, vitrification bonded wheels, abrasive paper & cloth as well as refractory products. Resin and vitrified abrasive products, abrasive sticks/stones, Magnesia bonded abrasive polishing stones, Coated abrasive products, etc .

Spin casting machines, centrifugal casting machines, vulcanizer, electric melter, silicone rubber to produce casted buckles and accessories for the leather industry and garment industry, imitation jewellery, promotion gifts, medal, and figurines etc from zinc alloy, tin alloy, other metals, wax, or resin.

Traffic marking equipmets, paints, glass beads for road marking.

Others glass beads for grinding, micron-grinding & micro-dispersion, Evaporation boats .

Keeping í░reliability first, customers supreme, joint developmentí▒ as our motto, We are looking forward to cooperating and developing together with broad customers at home and abroad.

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